By Deepizzaguy
3 years ago

Firefighters rescue a dog that fell into Utah Lake

The Saratoga Springs Police are being called heroes for rescuing a dog that fell into Utah Lake in the northern part of the frozen lake on Tuesday.
Saratoga Springs Fire Department Fire Captain Kenny Johnson received an emergency call from a person who owns the dog when man's best friend fell into a icy lake and he was not able to get out when his owner tried to rescue him.
Two ice rescue team members went into the ice to rescue the dog around 1:15 in the afternoon local time.
Both the dog and his owner are safe and sound once the rescue team member were able to place warm blankets on the dog after he was rescued from the icy lake.
Lone Peak Fire Chief Reed Thompson has issued a statement for anyone who is in an icy lake to be careful since the weight of any human or animal will break the ice and trouble getting out of an icy water trap could be fatal.

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