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Essential Oil of Cinnamon - Eliminate fatigue and depression

Cinnamomum zeylanum - Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Evergreen green, reaching 10-15 meters high, originated in southern India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, is part of the Lauraceae family. The leaves are green, oval, flowers arranged in the form of clove, with a characteristic fragrance, the fruit is a lit red bacon, inside with a single seed.

The harvested bark is left to dry until it turns, being very dry, processed in the form of bars, turned into powder, or ground to obtain oils.

Essential oils are used for thousands of years, they are concentrated by powerful antioxidants, of vegetable origin - leaves, flowers, bark, wood, seeds, peel, roots - that distill in water vapor, water vapor penetrates into the vegetal material , and vaporizes the volatile compounds, which are then condensed in the liquid state.

Essential cinnamon oil has a slightly pungent, spicy odor, medium viscosity to water, the color varies from brown to yellow to red, is extracted from the bark and leaves of the cinnamon by steam distillation, has a long history and spice in the culinary art, in the perfume industry, but also has multiple therapeutic effects:

has sedative and tonic effects,
is antibacterial, antiinfectious and antiseptic,
has antibiotic, antispasmodic, cardiac,
is carmitive, insecticide, emenagogue - favors the triggering of the menstrual cycle -, vermifug,
is antioxidant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory,
is immunostimulatory, antiviral and purifying.
Cinnamon oil is a strong aromatic oil with a spicy flavor, is effective for tired, weakened, stressed people, activates the mind, and stimulates the body

combat constipation and diarrhea,
helps stop digestive spasms,
stimulates the movement to the extremities - hands and feet -
beneficial in respiratory tract infections,
calms rheumatic pains in the case of arthritis, is beneficial for general pains of the body,
tonifies the entire body,
is effective in cases of depression, exhaustion, calms menstrual pains,
purifies and refreshes the air in the room, creating a refreshing atmosphere,
provides protection against infections and diseases due to the anti-infectious, antibacterial and antiseptic effect - due to the high content of eugenol, a substance that stimulates and strengthens the immune system.
Essential oils should not be used undiluted, and should not be used for internal use.
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