By NatashaT1994
3 years ago

Epilepsy (My Story) - Part 4 - Update

This is just a quick update.

Saturday 15th April at 1am I took a full seizure

Saturday 15th April at 4am I took another full seizure

It had been a few months since I have taken my proper full Seizures that I forgot what the after headache properly felt like. Whats worse was the second one.

So both my seizures as usual shaking and refusing to breathe.

The first one was taking in bed so that was fine. I didn't know about it. I felt fine when I woke up at around 4am to go to the bathroom to get a tissue to kill a spider for my bf.....That's when my second seizure happened. All I really remember is getting a tissue then killing the spider and flushing it down the toilet.

When I eventually came around my bf told me more details of what happened. He basically saved me from landing face forward into the toilet. The only part of my body that touched the toilet water was my arm and not my face. He said if he never saw this I could of drowned.

Around 1.30PM Saturday, I told my mum and sent her a picture of my bruises on my leg.
I have skin scrapped on my arm and a long line of bruises on my arm. It really looks like I've been beaten up. My tongue was swollen a bit I had bitten both the sides so I got blood over my pillowcase and somehow I got ALOT of it on my boyfriends pillowcase.

Also I have the lumpy feeling on my neck. My bruises aren't really that sore. The one of my arm is but my leg (thigh) is mostly bruises but it doesn't hurt at all.

When I was hoping that I had gotten over my full seizures as it has been a few months and I've just taken a few half seizures every now and then. Oh well. But by what it seems like I take a full seizure and then go a few months without them. So hopefully it won't happen again until July. It's been AAGGGEESSSSS since I have taken 2 full seizures hours apart.

My boyfriend always tells me: "If I could I would take your Epilepsy from you and have it myself"

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Flutterbydee :( :(
you cope well girl... hang in there
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HappyLady It must be hard to live with this. At one time I worked with children suffering from epilepsy. I often wonder how they coped as they grew up.
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