By Eillah14
3 years ago

Can you catch me if i fall?

Will you catch me if I fall?

It is a fact that when you are up there hundreds of people will claim you as a friend. When you are down, you are lucky if one will buy you a cup of coffee or an ice cream.

Catch me if you can
Says the wind to the leaves
You know who I am
Autumn bereaves.

For winter comes along
With frosty snowy river
In a cold closeness song
So the bare trees shiver.

Catch me if you can
All my dreams are there
You may understand
When I am here and there.

But mostly I am sure,
You will look on to find
Only what I will allure
In what I have left behind.

Winter comes with cold
And freshness to birth
The world can't grow old
If you will find life's worth.

Understand coming tides,
And the river that is flowing
For none from eyes hides
That is here worth knowing.

Catch me if you can
I am a really fast man
Always on the move
Moving to the groove.

Gone in a flash
Forever seems to dash
Sometimes stop for cream
For my wind rash.

Once in a while
I do slow down
Long enough to smile
Then off to town.

When you are on the move
No time to get depressed
But you must be careful
You do not run out undressed.

Catch me if I fall for I am only human
A person that needs an understanding
That if I do, who will pick up the pieces?
Can't blame you if you don't for I have seen
Hopefully everything that life can endure.

My fragility is obvious and now I need to know
Especially that word called trust and what it means
I will easily fall into your arms while free falling
For if you can catch me if I fall I will survive
I would then know that my life can indeed continue.

For that wall of doubt would indeed be broken
A wall that has kept me from being complete
Left to my devices and even now I will contemplate
Leaving my trust in you
Can you catch me if I fall ?
3 years
OlgaLifeLover Hi Sweet girl ! How old are you ?
You are very sweet girl ! Be blessed !
3 years
3 years
Eillah14 @OlgaLifeLover hello im 23yrs old ma'am 😊
3 years
3 years
bibinvarghese where you go i will be there lol :)
3 years
mili2020 Good poem