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7 years ago

Book Review: Puzzle House


Puzzle House

by Lillian Duncan

Pelican Book Group

Christian , General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 06 Oct 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Puzzle House through Pelican Book Group and Netgalley:

Life is a Puzzle.

Rachel Summers is self absorbed until she crashes Head first into a semi truck. As she fights for her life she is asked this.

Do you want to be healed, or do you want to heal others?

She makes her choice to help others, but things don’t go as expected. Rachel now runs the Puzzle House every guest is different but they all come here for one reason that is to be healed. Sometimes they get their miracle and other times they discover there is more than one type of healing.

Nia is a fifteen year old African American girl whose doctors have given up on her. She is dying and they say nothing can be done so she comes to the Puzzle House against her wishes, her aunt brings her, she is angry and bitter, but can she find hope and healing at the Puzzle House.

I give Puzzle House five out of five stars!

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