By ScaryGal
3 years ago

Book Review - Grey

WARNING: Will contain slight spoilers!!!

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of years you will have heard about ''The Fifty Shades Of Grey'' name from somewhere or someone. Grey is the latest installment by E.L. James, it tells the story of Fifty Shades of grey but from his perspective. As a person who read the first three original books the ending of Freed gave us a glimpse into these next set of books, I thought they were going to be boring and quite dull but I gave her the chance and I asked for the new books for Christmas. Once I finally got around to reading it my whole view changed!

I feel the book is actually quite interesting being in his point of view, we get to see a lot of things we don't in the first books. We see how he feels about Ana within the first few sentences of meeting her, we see things about his past that we don't in the others.

You start to see that he's not this monster he portrays to be and he actually has a vulnerable side, we also get to read a little about his subconscious like we do with Ana's in the first book. We also get to see what he's like with Taylor, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Robinson which is interesting as his relationship with Mrs. Robinson changes throughout the whole of the book. We get glimpses of his adopted family life, we learn that at the start he was quiet and wouldn't speak to anyone but Mia because of his past with his mum and her ''boyfriend'' (Or as I like to say Pimp)

Within the first book we don't really see much of Taylor and his life, we just know he works for Mr. Grey and that's really all we know but in this one we learn more about him and his personal life, he's a single dad that only sees his daughter once a week maybe twice, Mr. Grey is paying for her education and that he is actually colour blind. This may not seem like really big important information but for someone who is in love with the books and the characters, it was fun to learn more about him.

Throughout the book we see that he's changing a lot, we say that everything Ana does affects him in some kind of way. From the getgo, he is very protective of her and likes to make sure she's safe showing that he already has a strong bond with her even though they're not together. He begins to get ''Flowery'' as he stated without even meaning to.

''She's everything I want'' Is something he says to himself after they had just had relations in the bedroom, very early on in the book. He also admits that she is starting to turn him into a flower giving kind of guy. Even other characters seem to notice his changes as Mrs. Robinson. ''I think she's turned your world upside down''

Seeing how he deals with the loss of Ana is also interesting, we get to see how he felt, acted and what he did to try and win her back. Meeting Dr Flynn who helps Mr. Grey realize what he needs to do to try and win her back, he begins trying to change himself and give Ana what she wanted just like she tried to give him what he wanted. He's trying to give her ''More''. By ''More'' They mean a relationship, going on dates, sleeping in the same bed and being able to touch him (From past he hates being touched) He even admits he never wanted More until he met Ana.

I highly recommend these books for anyone who loves a good romance, the smut is a bit vulgar for my taste but I think the storyline behind them is amazingly written, and to say it started out as a twilight fanfiction it has come a long way and deserves the praise it is getting. You will have to read the first three books first to truly uderstand some of the things that are happening but honestly if you can buy a copy and start reading!


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