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Bigfoot: Shambling two legged ape or something else?

I watched a documentary last night about Bigfoot known to Native Americans as Sasquatch. Many have speculated down the years based on evidence or even lack of just what this crypto-zoological creature might be and that's if it even exists.

From footprints to film and eyewitness sightings of this creature where do you begin to sort fact from fiction? It's quite possible as with much of the paranormal it is publicity seeking, hoaxes, misidentification of another species like a bear and perhaps there may be some real creatures out there too.

It would be amazing to think there is a species out there somewhere bucking the trend of extinction faced by many species thanks to us and keeping one step ahead of humans. One guy who spoke of his experience last night who was a trained outdoors expert and psychologist began as a non-believer however his encounter with a 9 ft Bigfoot changed his mind forever. He came across one in the woods with his family and was prepared to sacrifice himself so his wife and kids could get to safety as this ape-like being came after them. He has since had other encounters with these mysterious creatures and after much research and study, he has come to a conclusion. That sasquatch knows how to manipulate its environment through some technical advantage they have which is why they are never found by conventional study of species known or unknown. This may sound crazy but we are talking about an intelligent man here with too much to lose as a professional surely?

He believes that the sasquatch is a species on a par with humans with intelligence and they are possibly extraterrestrials as opposed to having lived alongside us for thousands of years.

Whatever you believe the truth as the X-Files used to say is out there!

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