By ChestnutSlippers
3 years ago

Being More Active

As an introvert who works freelance, and spends a lot of time online, I rarely felt the need to be active, or 'out and about'. However it has recently hit me that my stamina may be a little worse than it should be. Although I'm definitely more awake at night, I struggle to function off 8 hours sleep, and often feel drowsy or weak during the day. So, I decided to try and fix this, and here's a few things which actually seem to be working.

Firstly, no matter how tired I am, I've been waking up at 7am every day. This was the hardest thing in the world at first, but with coffee, it's do-able. This usually means I'll need an hour long nap later on, but I'm okay with that. I also try and get to bed before 1am now, which again is tough, as my body wakes up at night.

Secondly, I've stopped going online first thing in the morning. I get up, have coffee, and go outside instead. Just something simple like a walk around the block, a trip to the bank or supermarket, or a quick outdoor exercise session really helps. Whilst staring at a screen does not drain your physical stamina, it makes your brain and eyes tired - especially if you are reading. Cutting this down has massive results, and made me realise that just because my mind is tired, does not necessarily mean it needs sleep - it just needs a break. Doing something away from a screen that takes little thought, such as walking or listening to music, can really help.

Taking Vitamins, particularly B and C, make a steady difference over time. I like the ones you put in water which fizz up, but any are fine. Combined with a healthy diet of protein and vegetables, and less sugar, you can get your energy levels up to a decent pace in no time.

Music has also been a big help. When you're feeling slightly drowsy, go for a power walk whilst listening to something up-beat and motivational. Doing this once per day, even if it's just for ten minutes or so, can train your body to naturally feel that way at a specific time. It also empowers your mind and inspires you to try your best.

Finally, as mentioned, I always have an hour long nap during the afternoon. I don't care what people say - Siesta's are good, and good for you. If you have the opportunity, try and fit one in if you are feeling tired. It's a quick way to gain some energy back, just make sure you have a coffee or healthy snack to wake up to, or you may 'accidentally' forget to get up!
3 years
LiaF7 Why seven? Why not nine in the morning?
3 years
3 years
ChestnutSlippers If you get used to waking up at 7, 9 seems like a lie in. Also, most jobs require you to start work at 8-9ish, so waking up at 7 is a useful routine to get into.
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