By graciana
6 years ago

Beauty of Being Alone.

Standing tall and keeping eyes open with peaceful mind, forgetting cruel past of yesterday.

Looking far, listens to the whispering breeze of air. Understanding things unspoken, is sometimes better than anything shown.

Sometimes it's good to be Alone!

With a piece of imagination, I can draw beautiful pictures of what life is all about. How world was made for us, to face and conquer anything beyond control.

Sometimes, the 'Beauty' is more appreciated when it's 'Quite' and just 'Alone'. Being in a place where you can be your self, without restiction. Enjoy every little thing in the world, without hesitation.

It Is where, I am now. ❤

6 years
MegyBella Sometimes we need to be alone? Great post Graciana?
6 years
6 years
LAFFINGKNOME Really do love this! Yes we all need to be alone sometimes.
6 years
6 years
Hartmut In a world where we are being bombarded with constant and usually bad news (and people via the Internet) it is indeed good to be alone to recover from all that 'noise' to regain our much needed balance. :-)
6 years