By Georglex96
3 years ago

Beauty is everywhere and everyone...

We all know the saying 'dont judge a book by its cover'...dont we? So why do we all do the exact opposite? Everyone has their way of life whether its to do with style or being gay, lesbian transgender transvestite ,big or small, born with disabilities or missing limbs and religion all these things are what make us who we are and makes everyone unique. We rant on about wars and conflict and bulling should be dealt with but we need to look at ourselves and start doing something about it because were part of the cause just something as small as laugh at someone bulling someone name calling labeling because they're unique is hoq it starts.How many people have been killed or killed them selves because of reasons like this its not right. So let everyone know no matter what that they are beautiful!!!!
3 years
ze2000 I agree! I hate these young people alol trying to look the same
3 years