By averygirl72
3 years ago

Banana as Superfood

Sometimes we assume superfoods are those extraordinary foods that we don't usually eat. But actually all fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods we take can be superfoods.

I wonder if this ordinary and humble banana can be a superfood and I found it's very healthy. An article even said that a man keeps himself look younger looking 50 years old instead of 70 years old by just eating two bananas a day.

If you want to reduce your blood pressure, avoid hardening of the arteries, avoid stroke and boost over all heart health take bananas as they are rich in potassium.

Bananas will also help you to prevent ulcers in your stomach because it has an antacid effect. It has special ingredients that will protect your stomach from too much acid.

If you want to maintain good mood and solve insomnia banana can help you as it contain tryptophan which is an amino acid that helps in the production of serotonin and melatonin

It's easy to find bananas in the market. You will find them in different sizes and varieties. It is believed that bananas came from Malaysia 4,000 years ago and is now popular world wide.

Some varieties may cause constipation so try to avoid those bananas. Find a variety of banana that you like. I love the Senorita bananas they are small but very sweet. Do you love eating bananas?

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