By NatashaT1994
3 years ago

Art Advice

I will admit I am really bad at art. Not the best and I've looked up several times "How to be better at still life drawing" and they all go on about patience and I am the worst with patience.

My Still Life teacher saw me like completely moan and give up when we were drawing one day in class and I was just complaining saying I can't do it and it's all horrible (was holding back the tears.) What she told me was:

"Still Life is like riding a bike. First you are wobbly but once you have enough practise you get better"

That advice is probably one of the best advice I've ever received and some how being told that instead of reading it on the internet from strangers helped me be better. I actually improved in my drawings!!! I sort of have improved on my Patience. Still have problems every now and then but that advice I've stuck to it and kept it in my mind and every time I just feeling like throwing my drawings away in class and giving up I remember that day and that advice I received from my teacher.

So I would like to share it with you. Getting told what I read on the internet was much better even though it was practically the same thing.