By MitalGoswami
3 years ago

Approach To Life

Hey Everyone,

What I'm about to write now is only to be understood by those who wants to make the most out of life and wants to live a positive life.

The way I see life is as a temporary living, when we were born we came empty handed but were attached to our mother and father or an older sibling, we came with nothing but still had everything to make us complete. When we will die we will leave everything behind; money, our home, family, our friends, degree anything you name it and will be buried with nothing but will only take one thing....memories which our loved ones also will have of us and will carry it forward.

As we are still living we might just make most of it. Live life to the fullest, imagine and dream the impossibilities, go on crazy adventures, love as you have never been hurt, laugh as loud as you can, dance like crazy and always keep smiling. Don't keep yourself too busy that you get lost in the crowd. Always make time for yourself and your loved ones even if you don't feel like you want to talk just drop a text to say 'hi, i missed you' the other person will feel special and will make them smile. Spread happiness and be the shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, you will feel better and so will someone else.

Start every morning as a new chapter in your life and never should yesterday's episode affect what you can achieve today. Say sorry even if you didn't do anything wrong, it won't make you less of a person but will put the other person below you. Learn to forgive, never regret anything and see it as something you can learn from to be better. Always be true to yourself and others around you. Be the best of the person you are and never think low of yourself because no one is perfect and everyone has flaws, that's what makes us human.

Successful people have interesting failures but they never gave up, so in order to succeed we shouldn't stop aiming for our goal, we can always find one way or another if we never give up trying. Just carry on what you do the best and watch yourself climb high. If you want to be inspired then look into the famous failures who is now internationally known. Most of you know Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steven Jobs and their work, when you have read their stories, you should already be motivated. I know I am.

You don't need to be famous to have your name known. You just need to get out there and sell your talent, then watch yourself grow.

Cherish what you have today, be grateful for all small things and don't demand what can't afford. Work your way through success because somewhere someone is looking forward to being you, be your own idol, love yourself for your flaws and good qualities.

That's my friends how you make most of your life.
Live the life you dream. Dream the life you want.

Thank you for reading.
3 years
ze2000 very nice reading this. You're absolutely right.

There is a lot of social pressure to be successful now, nothing like years back you need everything the best: house, car, job, phone,... and if you don't then society treats it like a failure. It's so wrong and I hope this changes.
3 years
3 years
MitalGoswami @ze2000 yes you're right, but the fact is we exist to make a change and to make something out of our living, we forget how materialistic people are and how they want everything which is only temporary settlement. Be successful for yourself not for everyone else, you exist to make yourself worth of living no one will do that for you. You should, actually we all should think 'I'm born to make something out of my life and I want to do something great, I want people to know me as a great failure who has proved that you only get a life once which was worth all the struggles'.
3 years
3 years
ze2000 But humanity is a social entity. We are born to be social. And the way society is organised now is what causes people to feel bad if the don't achieve at least the average than other humans.

So it's not a human fault, is a socierty organisation fault. And this you can see the differente in different cultures. In some places we honour the eldest, in other places the richest, in others the wisest, and so on.

Unfortunately we live in the wrong society, the one ruled by capitalism.
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