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Amazing New Non-Surgical Technique Lifts Years Off Your Face.

After an incredible summer, we all want to step into the Fall looking just as refreshed and as we feel. Sadly, as we age, this gets more and more difficult. With every passing year we all look a little more tired, a little more wrinkly and, yes – older.

Women have been fighting the physical signs of the aging process since time immemorial, but one Chicago grandmother claims to have discovered the secret to staying young without surgery, needles in her face, or other painful and expensive procedures. And she had to go all the way to Switzerland to find out about it.

When I met Shannon Franklin in a fashionable new Chicago restaurant, she looked incredibly youthful and glamorous. I knew that she was older than she looked. After all, that was why I was interviewing her. But I was shocked at just how much.

She Looked At Least 20 Years Younger!.

“How old do you think I am?” she teased. I have to confess, I had no idea. She carried herself like a mature woman, with the wisdom and grace that comes with age, but the skin on her face looked so plump and youthful. She saw the confusion on my face, and decided to put me out of my misery.

“I’m 61 years old.”

“Can I see some ID?” I joked, and she picked up her purse and produced her driving license. Sure enough, she really was born in 1956. I couldn’t believe it. She had absolutely no slack in the contours of her face. Her eyes looked wide and youthful, and there were almost no lines around them.

“You don’t look like a woman who can remember the Moon landings” I said. “Actually, you look like a woman who could barely remember the Reagan administration.”

An Accidental Discovery That Erased 20 Years From Her Face In 8 Weeks

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she smiled. “I often joke that I’m 61 but my face is 35. But there’s nothing special about me. Any woman could achieve the same results as me if they did the same things. With this new discovery, it’s practically a certainty.”

I asked her exactly what she did to look so young, and she continued.

“A few years ago, I heard about a group of Swiss skincare scientists who were developing a new anti-aging technique. I’m no scientist, so I can’t tell you exactly how it works, but here’s how they explained it to me.”

“They developed a new method of delivering an anti-aging, skin revitalizing formula deep beneath the top layers of the skin without needles. It was actually a complete accident. They were working on a way to heal post-operative scars and discovered that it would also be perfect as an anti aging technique.”

“In the past you needed injections in your face to deliver beneficial ingredients deep into the skin, but not anymore. This new discovery lets the active ingredients go down deep, to repair the damage that aging causes.”

“My Skin Doesn’t Just Look Like I’m In My 30s – On A Cellular Level It’s Identical To A 30 Year Old’s!”

I was shocked. Could results like these really be achieved without any kind of needles or surgery at all?

“It’s true” she said. “I never had a single needle in my face the whole time. It’s just a simple cream, and you apply it like any other cream. But the results are nothing like any cream that I’ve ever tried in my life.”

“The product contains all of the ingredients that you’re used to seeing in the most expensive anti-aging products. But here’s the difference – they’ve engineered the particles to be as small as possible. Small enough to slip through and penetrate every single layer of skin.”

“So how long did it take?” I asked Shannon. “I guess it took months of treatment before you got these results?”

“Not at all!” she said. “That’s the beauty of it. After just eight weeks of using the cream, my skin was exactly as you see it today. And I was already starting to see significant results after just 10 days. Actually, I looked better im2mediately, because the cream also contains a light diffusion technology that softens the appearance of wrinkles right away.”

Shannon Went All The Way To Switzerland – But You Don’t Have To

I was shocked, and incredibly happy for Shannon. But I started to feel a little sad too. This treatment was obviously so effective, it didn’t seem fair for it to only available to people who can afford to fly all the way to Switzerland to get it. “How could a regular American woman get hold of this? Would they really need to go to Europe?”

“Until recently, yes” said Shannon. “But luckily things are changing. It used to be available only in an expensive clinic on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Then, it was only available in the clinics of some of the finest, and most expensive, dermatologists in the world. But now, it’s available directly to women in 57 countries.”

A 30 Day Free Trial Available For Women In 57 Countries – Including The US

“But it’s still expensive, right?” I said. I was beginning to mentally add up how much money I could spare on this, because I knew that in a few years I’d be desperate for this treatment myself.”

“Actually,” laughed Shannon, “and I’m kicking myself because when you include flights and hotels I spent thousands of dollars to look like this, but they are now offering a 30-day free trial to 1000 women in the US.” Shannon smiled. “But I guess I can’t begrudge anyone. This is a miracle product. It shouldn’t just be for people who have thousands of dollars to spare.”

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