By MitalGoswami
3 years ago


Hi Everyone.

My name is Mital Goswami and I am Brit Indian and happily married. I am an artist, a writer, masseuse and have a strong creative imagination. I live my life on my terms, I like to keep my options open and free to learn and try anything new.

My favourite books are twilight saga, fifty shades of grey trilogy, fault in the stars, poetry by assorted famous writers and my main interest has always been in art and interior design.

I like listening to jazz (no specific artists), pop, RNB, bollywood and old school music.

My favourite hobby is reading, dancing, like to play games, drawing and painting. I've always been interested in meeting new people and socialising.

I have always wanted to travel more and explore my options. I have done modelling and will continue to do more later in life.

My inspiration comes from people I meet in day to day life, movies, places I visit and also by learning new things.

Ultimate Getaway would be to somewhere romantic, quiet and hot.

I am here to express my thoughts on about: the world, general politics, my favourite games, relationships, friendships and I'll also be sharing some beauty tips for those who would try anything to make themselves look more beautiful and also I will be showing off my creative writing skills and adding my ultimate fantasies. I will also be adding few of my favourite quotes and my thoughts on them too.

So keep reading for more...
For now this is just the boring introduction about me.

I am happy to answer any questions and open to comments.

Thank you for reading.
by the way others like to call me Milly :)

If you want to see my artwork:
Instagram: Mital Goswami

3 years
Borderline Hi! Welcome here! very interesting.
3 years
3 years
ze2000 Welcome! Where have you been so far? Where do you want to go next?
3 years
3 years
MitalGoswami I have studied art and design for 4 years and I'm not sure where I will be but for the present time I'm still exploring my options and maybe will go ahead and do what I enjoy most.
3 years
3 years
HappyLady It is so nice to meet someone who writes well and is also an artist. I hope to get to know you better on this site as my interests are similar.
3 years
3 years
MitalGoswami @happylady thank you for your comment and don't forget to follow me and like them as you go, as I do feel satisfied when someone appreciates my work. Thank you and I'll also be looking forward to reading your work too. X
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