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Patience for the Old Folks: It Is Normal to be in a Senility Stage

Created on 19/05/2018 by

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All of us are growing old and it cannot be denied that aging process starts at the age of 20. The skeletal system is starting to wear off. In time, these people will feel musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, bone deformity, etc and neurological conditions such as nerve impingement, memory lapses, etc. These medical conditions can be prevented. However, it is not always the case because it depends on how these old folks do for a living and it varies on what type of previous jobs they do.

Some young generations switched on to their evil side in dealing with senile people. They forgot that the aging process is normal and in time, they will also suffer the same scenario in the future. The key to being humane to elders is to be patient enough. “Can we blame them for having such medical conditions?” It is definitely not. We, as family members need to cater the basic needs of the elders and see to it that they are enjoying the senility stage.

There are times that some people abandon these elders and brushed off the feeling of being taking care of from infant to adulthood. It is not a question of what type of culture. Thus, the obligations to return back all the sacrifices of the old folks during youth years. They had shown their hardships and priceless sacrifices to make their children successful. For the old people in senile facilities, they are longing for love from the people whom they loved so dearly. Now, they are being abandoned for such reasons. But there is no alibi for not taking the responsibility seriously.

Life is like a cycle from infant to senile and vis-à-vis. It should be learned and know how to cope up with the changes in life. There is imperfection for everything. Abandonment is not the answer for neglecting the old people. Asian people don’t have the shortcomings with their old folks because it is the culture that they need to take good care of them. That’s the spirit of being together for so many years and the practices continued to pass on from one generation to another.

For some countries, they entrusted their old folks to facilities. Others will claim that it is the choice and they don’t want to bother their adult children in their lives. It is more convenient but how about the real feeling of the elders. “Do they have the choice?” They just accepted the fact their loved ones prefer them to be in the facility instead of being taking good care of.

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