By Lutfur1
3 years ago

6 points and £200 fine for using mobile whilst driving from 1st March 2017


Advice to keep it simple:
- Keep your mobile in a craddle or glove box
- You cant touch the phone if its in a craddle, even if you stop at lights and even if your parked up with the engine on
- If you want to use the sat nav on a mobile or plug the charger in. You must set it up before keys are in the ignition and dont touch it once engine is on
- You cant scroll for tracks on your mobile while driving so have your playlist set up before entering the car
- If you work for Uber or alike, you cant touch the phone when the engine is on. So you cant accept work while your on the move
- Mobile can only be used if your parked up safely with engine off and keys out of ignition (Wireless keys - engine off)
- Death by dangerous driving is now life imprisonment, no longer 14 years
- You can use a mobile via built in-car technology like bluethooth. However, if you do have a collision, it can go against you.
- You cant use headphones
- You cant use loud speaker from your phone
- You cant move your phone while the engine is on
- If you call someone and they are driving, hang up
- If you are a passenger and the driver is using a phone, take it off them and tell them off
- If you are a employer and you force your staff to use a phone, It can result into imprisonment for you, large fines and your company being suspended from operation
- Rules apply to PDAs also
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ze2000 But you can eat, smoke and even put on make-up for a lower o no penalty at all.

It's going to make no difference at all, they should be fixing holes on the road if they want to increase security.
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motmot you could stop all driving offences,with one easy law, you loose your car
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ze2000 They actually take your car in certain situations (no insurance for example) and that doesn't really stop them doing it...
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Borderline awesome!
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