3 years ago

Wouldn't it be funny if the Russians helped Jeremy Corbyn win!

Many have compared Jeremy Corbyn to Donald Trump although they represent totally different political spectrums. Both are mavericks and have not been afraid in the past or now to speak their minds whether people were offended or not.

Many have said despite what the polls say could Jeremy Corbyn could pull off a victory where no victory was expected over Theresa May just as Donald Trump did over Hillary Clinton?

Some accuse the Russians of helping Trump into the White House because Clinton like Obama was a hawk when it came to the Russians. So they wanted their man in the White House Donald John Trump and this is exactly what has happened even though relations between the Trump White House and the Putin regime have somewhat been strained over Trump's attack on Putin's pal Assad.

Looking at the British general election the Russians may think it would be of interest to have Jeremy Corbyn in 10 Downing Street as they may think he is a soft touch compared to the more hawkish Theresa May. If this is the case I can see similarities here with Corbyn being Trump and May being Clinton, however, the scenario is different because as far as I know Corbyn or his shadow cabinet have no links directly or indirectly to Moscow.

One wonders if the Russians are trying to influence the general election in their favour as they tried in the recent French election hoping Marine Le Pen would win. This time it did not work and Emmanuel Macron emerged as the victor so where that leaves French-Russian relations we will have to wait and see.

If Corbyn thought the Russians had influenced the general election to make him win, unlike Trump I am guessing he would not be too pleased.

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