By soncee
3 years ago


Wolfy miniature plant but many useful and healty
Wolfy it's not algae, but the plant which has been officially proclaimed the smallest in the world.
It's dimension are about 0.5 mm x 0.3 mm, it's heavly, like for example, two grains of sand and about how much tiny pieces are best witnessed by the fact that it can cost about 5 000 wolfs.
It's natural habitat is the calm freshwater lakes of the mosvara, where it grows in colonies, while cultivars, about a dozen are cultivated by wakeboarders and can hardly be identified by the naked eye.
Wolfy has excellent nutritional composition and is the favorite food of Fish and birds in the nature, and an addition to the cattle feeder to Thailand and in Indochina -Burmi and Laos, specialties with this plant are considered
Top -notch delicacies.

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