By lacho59
2 years ago

With gentle sunset - Good night

I catch my tenderness in my hands
the last rays of the sun ...
He draws his path to infiniteness
and there ... behind the ridge is lost.

I love sunsets silent,
sparking sparks in my eyes ...
From my thoughts scattered
gathered all the love.

I feel the strange touch,
and it's hard to guess
whether a lost beam over the island
tells me they're expecting me ...

The flame burns in my hands
from the warm sunset rays ...
It fades into the lips dry
with a taste of accumulated silence.
© Elenka Smilenova 2017 - All Rights Reserved
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Smokey2017 Stunning
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soncee Good Night 😴
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MegyBella That is really beautiful.. Goodnight sleep well.
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olavn54 It s e beautiful !!!
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