By Barnacks
3 years ago

Winds on the Shadow

My body was dumped on the ground.
Meanwhile, i heard the wind.
In this dark world,
thoughts of my shadow,
exploded the colors of smiles.
looking the sky,
waiting for my eyes make me cry,
but i didn't becauise i die.
The chaos is magic,
the blade of leaf reflects existence,
and you are here,
Touching my soul.

Hi there, this is my last creation, so i hope you enjoy it, and see you in the next one.
is painted with: watercolors, markers, pencils and pens, 3 or 4 sessions, i don't remember it right now,XD, i really like this one.
3 years
ze2000 Man this one is really really really cool, well done.
3 years
3 years
Bilston I like your new style.
3 years