4 years ago

Wheres the British summer gone?

When I was a kid growing up and playing in my back garden I remember long summers where the sun would shine all day.

These days it is a rarity you get days like that and I can't help feeling why has the weather become so variable. In an age where no one seems to know what they are doing anymore, even the weather seems to be getting its seasons confused.

Is it climate change, is it a sign things are coming to an end as described in the Bible or am I just being paranoid? Perhaps it's the comfort of being a kid playing in my mom and dad's back garden with the warm sun blazing down and hearing a plane flying overhead with no adult responsibilities.

As you grow older you are aware of things changing its bound to happen of course but nothing is as strange as the weather we get now.

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ze2000 For me is totally the opposite, I think weather is getting to warm and sunny.
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