By Priscilla
3 years ago

Where did the gods hide happiness so that it is difficult for us to find it?

One day the gods gathered and decided to have some fun. One of them said: - Let's take something to people. They all thought together and decided to take away their happiness. They just could not decide where to hide it.
The first one said:

"Let's hide it on top of the highest mountain in the world.

- No, we've made people strong. Someone will be able to climb and find him, but if he finds one, everyone else will know where happiness is, "he said second.

"Then hide it at the bottom of the sea.

- No, do not forget that people are curious. Someone will invent an underwater sailing machine and then you will find happiness.

"Let's hide it on another planet, farther from the Earth," he suggested.

"No, do we mind enough?" They will ever invent a ship to travel through the cosmos, find the planet, and regain their happiness.

The eldest god, who kept silent all the time, said, - I know where to hide happiness.

- Where?

"We'll hide it in them. They will be so busy looking for happiness outside that they will not go through their minds through their minds.

All the gods agreed. From this moment on, people spend their entire lives looking for happiness without knowing that it is hidden inside them.
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