By BoyWithAUke
4 years ago

What student life is really like!

Ah, student life. (Wait, I'm still a student, so why did I start this like I was reminiscing?)

Ah well. Hi guys! I hope you're well. So today I'm going to be talking about student life and what it's really like!

I've been at University now for about 8 months now and I thought I'd share my experiences.

For one, money. Money is a main problem as a student. With all these bars promoting "£2 FOR DRINKS", you just can't resist. But when you actually go into the bar, that £2 slowly turns into £4.50 for ONE DRINK.

Plus, you have to spend most of your money on food and rent and the food aisle in Tesco turns into your favourite place in the world.

The work load. The work load that us students get is far beyond ridiculous. With looking for work and not having a mental breakdown, you also have a 4000 word essay due in the next 13 minutes or your £10,000 a year just frivles away.

Plus, in my Univeristy I have to pay £20 for a 'complulsary' workshop to improve my studies. IF IT WAS SO NECESSARY WHY DONT THE UNI PAY FOR IT?

It's just stressful. But I recommend going to Uni. Apart from what I've said in this post, going to Uni has opened up my mind and I've made so many friends that will stay with me forever!

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4 years
ze2000 Man, how do you manage so many media profiles?

BTW what do you study?
4 years
4 years
BoyWithAUke I don't know haha! But I love doing it! I study music :)
4 years
4 years
ze2000 How many years have you got ahead?
4 years
4 years
BoyWithAUke I'm in my first year so after this year I'll have 2 years. I can do my fourth year and get my masters degree
4 years
4 years
tjkhan The student struggles are real ... the system definately needs to be looked at & re designed to help students and not put obsticles in their way.. but where there's a will there's always a way ... i live close to a student village and for most nights i see students legless and partying all hours... how they manage to get that essential essay in on time forever baffles me.
4 years
4 years
BoyWithAUke Sometimes when an essay is due in a week or 2, we usually have to let off some steam... and that usually turns into a mad night out haha
4 years