By blissfulliberty
3 years ago

What is Beautiful?

I read you through a picture book
Of collected memories;
I am taken into your thoughts,
The beauty you beheld through the lens
Brings me closer to you,
I see your mind....

What is beautiful?
The deserted and secluded?
The wild and abandoned?
I see your peace, your aspirations...
I am amazed by the mystic smiles of the wild flowers,
Of the grandeur of the mountains and desert,
And the charm of your gems...

What is beautiful?
I see you now as I see myself,
The pearl of the orient seas
who never savored the sweetness of her waters;
Jasmine, pure and true to the poets
But forsaken; unappreciated...

What is beautiful?
I was never tamed but never was wild;
The lilies welcome me with the giggles of the girls
Envying the lipstick I wear, wishing for the day
They will be painting their lips red as the gumamelas...

What is beautiful?
I am no gem of the the desert for my land is juicy;
Sandy shores are but my playground
Where I chase the waves just as I chase my dreams;
The meadows I walk barefootedly are green and luscious;
Plenty sun, abundant rain; God love me as I am....

What is beautiful?
sometimes the eyes are but dictated by the mind;
It's not me, the gems nor the flowers;
it's not what you see through the desert;
It's not the mountains nor the meadows...
It is what's in your heart that touches your soul;

Hold my hand,
We will watch the sunset beautifully....

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