By Eillah14
3 years ago

What if's

When was the last time you let your mind chase the question “WHAT IF”?

Every choice in life sets us on a different path and carries its own set of “what ifs” and a consequence that we could worry about, but what is the use? Rather than plaguing our thoughts with the unknown, we should focus on and accept only what we do know and all we know is the path we are currently on. Throughout this world, we are given the opportunity to encounter many different creatures. Each creature so unique and so special to our world. In my eyes, one of the most interesting animals is the bird. This creature has the unique ability to fly. This skill is so astonishing to mankind, and quite frankly; each of us would love to have this ability for a day. If only I could fly for a day.

All in all, if I could fly my experiences would truly be amazing. I would visit some of the most exciting places in this world and be able to have a glimpse into their culture. I would also be a changed person inside. My realization of how small we are in this world would truly humble me. If only I could fly for day, my wings would provide such a strong and pleasant relief that my view of this world would be forever changed. If I were given wings for a day, I would most certainly use this gift to fly. My opportunities and boundaries would be endless.

As a child, I have always had a dream of traveling this world, and with this gift; I could do so. I would fly from country to country. From the shores of my country to the fierce and cold climate of Antarctica, I would travel the world. Each country would provide a new learning experience for me. I would be able to hear the world’s different languages and experience some of the most fascinating cultures in our society. I would visit some of the world’s most beloved sights. These experiences would truly be like no other, and would give way to a life changing day.

Adventure is about what we do; not what we plan, strategize or dream about. Adventure begins with “what ifs” What if I was to step out to chase that dream? Why not take the first steps and see what happens? When we step through the doorway of adventure our life is suddenly worth the living and we experience life as it was meant to be. This is our life; there is no use in asking what if. No one could ever give you the answers. What if nothing exists and we are all in somebody's dream?

What if the sun didn't shine
Would things be the same
Would we do what we always did
What if love never existed
What would we feel for someone we loved
Would we feel love at all
What if anger was our good side
Would we wear it as pride
What if the hungry never ate
Would they make it to the next day
What if we gotten everything we ever needed
Would we be filled with greed
What if everyone was an enemy
Could we ever expect to have a good time
What if there was no difference between you and me
Would we understand each other
Would we know everything about everybody
What if there was no laughter no joy
Could we endure life
Would there be any thing we could enjoy
What if things were never how they were suppose to be
Would we be how we use to be
What if we were blind and could not see
Would we give up on life
Would we accept that the little things in life
Would not excite you or me
What if these words I am saying to you did not get to you
Would you be lost.

What if the most important moment in your life is this one? Can you handle the power it gives you to choose how you will spend the next one? Don't think about what you could have done but concentrate on what you plan to do; it is more useful. Don't spend your life wondering "what if" and worrying over something you have no control. What is done is done. Looking backwards will cause you to miss out on new beginnings ahead. So move on.

Live your life without ever having to ask, What if? Life is what you make of it. You have to decide what you want in life.