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Understanding your students is no joke it's a SHREK!


Understanding the young with their sentiments takes a lot of effort and courage. It gives you head aches and pain but sometimes it gives you a smile when you know how to ride with their mental feeling no matter how rude it is and no matter how painful it may be.

Shrek is one of my favorite characters in the movie - obviously the title is SHREK AND THE beanstalk? (Laughs..) Well, seriously in my childhood moment I was not replete with a lot of cartoon characters in my mind (Since living in a far flung barangay without electricity and of course TV will not give you a single moment about Tigress, Winnie the Poo, Yoda, Cinderella, and of course SHREK and a lot more) but because I tried to watch cartoons when I became a city mouse so I have already the idea and knowledge about these stuffs. Take note, my most fav character today which I am longing to have this stuff in my bed is Mike Wazowski - opps you know what I mean.. My birthday will be this coming November 17. No! I am just kidding. I am fond of TAZ actually.. you can include this in wrapped box. (Laughss... ) Wait! I've lost you already. All I have to say here is that Shrek is one of my fave cartoon characters.

It happened after I bid goodbye to my Grade VII English when this intelligent little cute boy in my Class whom I am very fond of, asked me if I know about SHREK... oh Shrek? I have this in my mind that there is something so special on the questions he asked me. Before I answered him, I had to think deeper even in a short moment of time and presto! I answered him.. Yes I know Shrek, he is my father. And I went out from the classroom and he shouted to let me come again to classroom in the afternoon because he got some thing for me. I said "OKAY"...

Puzzled and bewildered, I keep on analyzing what is his real intention of asking about you-know-what-i-mean. I tried to analyze but I stopped because I know that if I have to analyze, the whole thing will be scattered and it will be broken down into pieces. I stop to analyze to make the whole thing as it is - COMPLETE. So, I worked with my stuff in my table which I enjoyed it very much - accomplishing this and that in preparation for Parent's Meeting in the afternoon.
Enjoying with the personal things in my table, I noticed that the boy I'v said above was in front of me walking snugly and effortlessly with his not-yet-cured injured leg. He invited me to go back to their room to see something he prepared for me. I went with him knowing to please him since he really exerted more strength just to reach me in my table (I was to happy to see him walking since that's the first time that he walks out from their room). When we reached our classroom (so messy classroom) I noticed that some of his classmates had been laughing a lot. I gave them my warmest smile and proceeded to our bulletin board where he ushered me to, and I saw one of his classmates covering the middle part of the bulletin board with his black and so-used bag. I slid his bag and I saw these with my picture.

I felt so dismayed but I took control of my emotion. Instead of getting mad with them I laughed with them and I said "thank you for the gift and this is the best gift I ever received this year" (not in a sarcastic way). I unglued all the pictures and hold them in my hand as if I am so happy holding them (while my mind is telling me to tear them into pieces) and went back to the faculty room and pasted all the pictures inside the left wall of my drawer (if you wanted to see them, they're still there) and laugh a lot for I've noticed that the pictures have identical smiles.. (laughs..) There I realized that probably because of my Shrek smile, He/they made fond of my picture. Anyway, they were happy about it then so be it. all I have to do is to make them happy.
Every time I open my drawer, it makes me smile because I've got a good shrek smile inside it. This will remind me everyday that I have to start my day with smile.

Sometimes, there are things that you feel bad about, most especially if you are thinking that somebody are making a practical joke about you.Yet, if you just see what is the good side of these bad things, you will really feel happy about it. What is the most important thing to realize is how you deal this stuff calmly and youthfully.

Accepting jokes from my students is accepting what is the real me. I might have the shrek smile but I have this real and authentic smile. Shrek is innocent, true and I am too..
(hahaha palusot nalang)...

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Natasha Wonderful article...😊
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