By paigelouiseevans
4 years ago

UK Job Market is SAVAGE!

UK Job Market is becoming a slight joke.

Being a young adult, looking for work is near enough impossible these days.

You need to have experience to start a job, yet no-one will hire you as you have no experience...

If you do manage to snag an interview, you go along to it and you're looked down on if it's a solo interview and if you ever happen to get a group interview, people in the group usually try to outshine you but makes them sound very unprofessional, YET THEY GET THE JOB. You could be the most polite, friendly and helpful person in the interview but the people who are super rude are normally the ones who get the jobs. (from my experience)

After interviews these days, companies take weeks and weeks to get back to you, just to let you down and after getting rejected from so many jobs it really does become depressing.

I am currently looking for a job and have been turned down for at least 25 in the past month, even though I know I am fully qualified for the job and know that I would do the job very well.

The thing is, its not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know nowadays.

If you have family working for a company, or managing a company, there is WAY more chance of you getting a job....even if you're not qualified.
(this is probably the reason that so many sales associates are not very good at their job, they're not qualified for, or even have any experience.

It's a horrible which happens but it's true, it happens everywhere.

It's such a struggle to get even a sales assistant job these days.

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