By Mikepabalate
2 years ago


Ever experienced a time when you think you can withstand all the trials that goes your way, because you think that you have gone through everything that life may throw at you, and passed it all?

Then, here come a trial, a test that happens when and where and to whom you least expect it?

Indeed, we cannot tell when and where trials will come from. It may come from point blank range, from long range, and yes, from our BLIND SIDE.

Trials and hardships harden us through time. We are getting familiar to each and every face it shows to us. But, it will, again and again surprise us with just another form and another direction to come from. Yes, it is a big testament that trials and hardships are "relatives" of change. We just don't know the "degree."

This could be tiring, so depressing...

But if you have faith to the One, and believe that He is behind all of these, you will not feel that way. Instead, you will have all the positiveness in life...

He brings us to deep and uncharted waters, not to drown us, but to cleanse us.

The Devil is truly mad at you because you've been so pleasing to His enemy

God sees you as a valuable treasure, GOLD, so precious that He brings you in fire, not to burn and destroy, but to remove all the impurities, so that you will be worthy of His Kingdom...

So, be glad in every test that you go through. You can pas it.
To the trials, you can hurdle it, to the hardships, it will strengthen you.


2 years
Explorer2017 Yes, I do trust HIm. I couldn't count the many blessings I have received because of my trust in Him. He directs my life. 😃
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RasmaSandra Amen to that. Yes, I know the Lord is on my side each and every day and I begin and end my days with prayer.
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OlgaLifeLover Blessings from us
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