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I know there are many People who are not Christians, and there are people also who are Prejudice in Christianity.. Whatever your beliefs right now I respect you all.. I will just share an Article to those People who believed that there is God in Heaven to Thank for..
There's a saying in Christianity that " A Day without Prayer, is a Day without Blessing, and A Life without Prayer is A Life without Power "...
If you have faith, you can start your day with a Prayer to Thank the Almighty God up there in heaven for all the Protection and Blessings He showered upon us, and ask Thy Guidance. Here are some Verses in the Bible about " THE POWER OF PRAYER "...

MATTHEW 21:22 - Whatever you ask in Prayer you will Receive if you have Faith..

MATTHEW 7:7 - Ask and it will be Given, You seek and You will Find, Knock and it will be Opened unto you..

MARK 11:24 - Therefore I tell you, whatever You ask in Prayer, Believe! That you have received it, and it will be yours..

There are many Verses about Prayers.. I just Share 3..

I share this Article not to open an Argument or Debate, I have Nothing against those people who are not Christians.. I just write and share to those who believed in God that we need to Thank the Almighty in Heaven in many things.. Just a simple reminder, again! " A Day without Prayer is Day without Blessing, and A Life without Prayer is Life without Power " !!

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ze2000 I don't think people have prejudice on Christians or other faiths. It's the misuse of religion itself what causes concern. I feel admiration for how self-disciplined religious people can be sometimes.
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Shavkat I agree
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