3 years ago

the hardened truth of Love

Love is a strong emotion , it can be hard and can spit you out. they say that love is a union of trust and passion , however I believe it's something else. I feel that Love isn't always heart-warming or caring . it can hurt , it can tear your heart into a million pieces . it can break your inner walls and can fracture your life . if I had Love I would embrace but listen to this , you are not alone and you are not the first or last . here is my advice , do not rush or hurt love , play with it and flow free with it . not everyone will find love or find that one special person . no love is universal it can be with your fellow man or a relative . never hurt it and never feel like you need to impress it . Love will guide you through magical journeys and will protect you in your dark of days . so I say this ... , Don't hurt people with it or impress with it . you will always have it so never think you're gonna lose it , because it's right there inside you like a roaring engine .

so please how about you Love , this essence and embrace become one with Love .... and see where YOU ....will go in time .....