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The first big Windows 10 update is here. How to update and what's changing

Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows & Devices Group, has just announced what we were expecting, and that from today all users who already have in their Windows 10 computers will receive the first major upgrade to the latest operating system from Microsoft .

This is an update that had been waiting since early November, but it was not until earlier this week when it has been available to Insiders and now comes to all users of Windows 10. It is the first major upgrade that includes new features the Windows 10 system since it was released in its final version this summer along with major improvements and new security features.

As in these cases, you probably have not yet received the update, but it is expected that at some point during the day you receive it in your system as a Windows Update update.

Among the main novelties of this update in November, the first thing we should note is that the system boot time should be much lower. Once you have restarted the computer can buy some of the new features available as improvements in the assistant Cortana, and you get the ability to write notes, to recognize phone numbers and addresses as well as the possibility of asking him to book us tickets cinema.

The Edge Microsoft browser also gets new features with this update with the firm objective to begin to please users, although support for extensions as we know still have to wait. Among its new features, Edge displays a preview of the page loaded in each of the tabs will allow synchronization between devices favorite places to have them accessible from any of them and show greater integration with the assistant Cortana.

The update also adds new features to the mail application, and now will have a unified inbox or photo applications, Calendar, Store, Solitude, integration with Xbox and other improvements in design.

According to the company, the first major update also brings new important for corporate users as Windows Update for Business, Windows Store for Business, mobile device management, Join Azure Active Directory and new security features, by ensuring that a great opportunity for both consumers and companies to get these new features for free.
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