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The Benefits of Video Games

The Benefits of Video Games

The impact that video game have on our lives can be a controversial topic. Whilst video games can be incredibly addictive and have negative effects when allowed to dominate our lives (in the same way that both Television and the internet can), video games when played in moderation can be wonderfully beneficial to personal growth. I am going to list a few of the reasons why this is, based on my own personal experience:

1) Video games are intellectually Stimulating.

The most simple platform game teaches hand-eye co-ordination, and exercises the memory and reflexes. Games involving puzzles (which is pretty much all of them in some aspect) trains your brain to think quickly and productively. RPG's teach planning and organisation skills, as well as strategy and team building techniques. Shooters, sport, and combat games involve team work, more strategic thinking, and train individuals to become naturally accustomed to thinking on their feet. The list goes on and on. Not to mention how much natural information you can acquire from picking up a video game where machinery, nature, geography, space, technology etc is involved. Video games are a great way for people to learn, often without realizing that they are being educated at all.

2) The Social Aspect

Playing games with friends and family is an incredible bonding experience. Of course, it should never fully replace going outside or taking day trips, or just hanging out in general, but in moderation video games can really bring a group of people closer together. Nowadays, you can connect with people all over the world, to either compete or work together in order to accomplish a common goal. When done safely and sensibly, this is an easy way to meet like-minded people with the same interests as you. You can spend hours socializing from the comfort of your own home.

3) Video Games nurture Creativity

As a freelance Illustrator, I can honestly say that video games have been a huge inspiration for my work. I am a fan of games which involve world exploration, and find myself mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes and creatures inhabiting each one. Escaping to an incredible fantasy world and being able to live in and explore it may not be a real life holiday, but it can be just as good. Artistic types are likely to subconsciously take note of aspects such as colour pallets, character designs, scripting, and music when playing video games. These will work as references and often stay with them throughout life, remaining in the back of their mind as they work on projects and build their future.

4) There are Plenty of Jobs out their for Video Game Fanatics

Whilst video games should NEVER replace education or training, there is a lot of money out there for people who are intrigued enough by the crafting and development of games that they choose to look into and pursue it as a career. Whether they want to create games themselves, learn to script or code, or gain a place in one of the many music or design teams, there are huge opportunities out there for those who are truly passionate.

5) Stress Relief and Mental Stimulation

Finally and most importantly - video games are fun. They are a great, safe way to unwind after a hard day's work, and a good video game can engage you so much that any stress and anxiety is temporarily lost, to the wonderful and beautiful virtual world you engage in and contribute to. It's like taking a break from the hardships of reality and delving into a less judgmental and demanding environment. From the moment you pick up that controller, you are the one in charge. Either put your all into it, progress through missions, win that trophy and push your limitations, explore a vast and wondrous world collecting and gathering supplies, or just switch your brain off for a little while and run around in random circles. It is completely up to you.

As mentioned previously, video games - just like TV and the Internet - should never substitute for real life socializing, exercise, or education. However with a good healthy balance, they can have an incredibly positive impact on any person's life.
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ze2000 I like playing videogames from time to time, but I get fed up quite easy. When I was younger I could play for hours or even days! It helps me to forget about everything, it's very relaxing.
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indexer I don't have any time to play these games
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