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Tattoo Fixers

Tattoo Fixers :

Tattoo Fixers is quite a unique and artistic show about members of the public getting cover ups on their bad tattoos, three tattoo artist's cleverly turn a really awful mistaken tattoo into a genuine masterpiece. Some of these people go into the parlour with unbelievable tattoos that they regret having done in the first place and are in desperate need to get rid, whether they've been done whilst drunk on holiday (this is the case for most of them) or as part of a bet or even a joke, these people are in desperate need for these three tattoo artists to cover up their bad mistakes with works of art.

It's quite a clever artistic show because some of the tattoos that need to cover up aren't always that easy to cover, it depends on what part of the body the tattoo is on (the size and area of it can be really painful for the customer) and it depends on certain colouring and boldness which can make the cover up slightly more difficult...but the tattoo artist's don't seem to have any trouble covering them at all, of course. All three tattoo artist's seem have slightly different ways of design and style when it comes to boldness, shine and colour, the new and improved cover up tattoo from three extremely talented artist's makes it seem as if the customers old mistaken tattoo never existed in the first place.

Already having a couple of tattoos myself I absolutely love this show, I would be flicking through the channels on Tuesday and would sometimes find an episode on channel 4 or E4 and usually an episode is on every Thursday on E4 (sometimes it on and sometimes its not) I seen other different tattoo shows, but they're the ones that are normally just to do with first time tattoos (most of them are pop up parlours in other areas and countries and some people only go into the tattoo parlour after they've had a few drinks) Tattoo Fixers is different because they cover up bad tattoos as well as first time tattoos which most are considered as memorial tattoos.

1 of 4 Tattoo Artist : Sketch

Sketch has that bold and powerful looking design to his tattoo cover ups, I remember seeing the episode where he designed a dragon looking tattoo on someone's arm and that was to cover up quite a rude looking tattoo with one that also had small dragon wings to start with, but he completely covered that up with a huge fierce looking dragon and made it really stand out with the bold black and red ink.

2 of 4 Tattoo Artist : Alice

Alice has a unique colourful style to her tattoo cover ups, some of them are rich looking flower designs with lots of colour which stands out nicely. There was one certain episode where she created an awesome flower designed and the thing was big and ever so beautiful, I've never seen a tattoo with so many colours blend in like that.

3 of 4 Tattoo Artist : Jay

Jay is very clever when it comes to photo tattoos, he makes them look so realistic with the shading and colour of the background and the outlines looking very bold and real, the entire tattoo looks exactly how it should in the photo, he takes on many of the personal memorial tattoos which I find a real touching tribute, Jay does them cover ups so amazingly.

4 of 4 Tattoo Artist : Glenn

Glenn has just recently joined the group. From the first moment I saw Glenn I knew I was gonna like him. He seems a very cool and laid back guy. His tattoo covers ups are awesome, his tattoo style is a mixture between Sketch's powerful look designs and Jay's rather realistic ones.

Receptionist : Paisley

I've got to mention Paisley because she's a big part of the show too, and quite funny sometimes as well. All appointments are booked in through the receptionist of course and sometimes she can be the first one to see some of the customers horrendous tattoos. Along with Sketch, Alice, Jay and Glenn they all enjoy a good banter and quite often at times find one another's ways and habits a little strange.

Deciding the cover up :

All three tattoo artists sit around on the couch in the parlour waiting for the first customer to arrive (of course, they don't know what they're letting themselves in for until that person reveals all) the customer tell them the story of how the tattoo came about and now they want to get rid, sometimes the customer gives their own ideas of what they want to have for a tattoo design and some are open to suggestions and ideas from Sketch, Alice and Jay.

Once the design gets decided, they all start to sketch on a pad they're own take on the that design and then the customer has a choice of what one they want to have tattooed on them, the design that gets chosen has to be tattooed on by the artist who sketched it, of course.

Regretful Tattoos :

I can not believe some of the silly tattoos people come into the parlour with, I've seen bad designs but some of these customers take the biscuit. Some people find it funny at the time to have drawings of genitals and dirty words and sayings tattooed on them, I think its just idiotic (there's no way I would ever get a penis or balls tattooed on me) some people have come in with vagina or jizz (sometimes both) tattooed on them, its not a laugh...its not clever...its just silly and so wrong.

One guy even had the word 'suck' on one leg and the word 'this' on the other with two arrows pointing up (which he tattooed on himself) the arrows weren't exactly pointing up straight for a start, the first thing I thought was...OH MY GOD! Who in there right mind would walk around with that on their legs.

One woman had a penis tattoo on the bum with jizz squirting into the crack, I thought...'Who the hell would want a tattoo like that?' And what is the fascination with little stickmen with lawnmower tattoos, I never really them ones before, until now. So many ridiculous tattoos out there that are in urgent need of a cover up and these tattoo artists have seen it all.

Awesome Cover Ups :

The cover up tattoos look amazing, its brilliant the way the artist turn a one awful tattoo into an ultimate masterpiece. The brightness and boldness of the tattoos really stand out a mile, the colours are beautifully done and the whole design of the tattoo is stunning with shade, texture and blend ness. Tattoo Fixers is the Savior of all horribly designed and regretful tattoos, the finishing design of the cover up is so brilliantly thought of and layed out.

I mentioned the memorial tattoos...I absolutely love the end design to a photo tattoo, Jay is always very honoured to take on such a touching tribute tattoo, something that means so much to that other person and to have it beautiful inked onto the body like that is unbelievable and inspiring.

The other cover up tattoos that stand out are the ripped skin ones with armor inside, it stands out because it looks like someone is part robot inside, one of the ripped skin cover ups was of a robotic leg, which did really look design something and make it stand out to real you need to be an extremely talented artist.

Conclusion of Tattoo Fixers :

Of course, I will continue to watch people walking into that parlour with awful tattoos and I'll look on as the tattoo artists cleverly covers them up. This show is certainly different to all the other tattoo ones I've seen on T.V before, not only is this for brand new tattoos its also getting old mistaken ones inked over with an extremely talented piece of art work.

I was told by one of the guys at work (also watches the show) that this place is only half an hour drive from where I live, I love the show but I wont be dropping in anytime soon because I've already got my local tattoo place (Chameleons) which is only 20 minute walk from where I live, so If I need another new tattoo I'll drop in there instead...also, I don't need a cover up because the ones I have already are sensible and means so much to me.
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