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Strong and stable my arse!

If I hear those bloody words "Strong and stable" one more time I will personally take aim at the television every time May comes on saying it or one of her lackeys says it! On their battle bus as it drives around the country wasting tax payers money (where else do the funds come from?) the Conservative party have made the issue of personalities with 'Team Theresa' written on the side?

Presumably, this message is just as much as a joke as the message getting 350 billion back from the EU and putting it back into the NHS was during the Brexit vote.

Theresa May may speak about the 'working class' or 'just about managing' can she or any other politician (even Jeremy Corbyn who I have time for) even imagine what it is like to be so called 'working class' or 'just about managing'?

Both Corbyn and May are middle class so what would they know of 'just about managing' when you're on a zero hours contract or you're getting the minimum wage but its still not enough really to pay the bills and luxuries like holidays can go out of the window. At least Corbyn is promising to end zero hours contracts and lift some of the caps on benefits and end the evil assessments that people who are too ill to work have to go through to get ESA. He is also talking about in the manifesto lifting the sanctions that are imposed on people at the jobcentre. Whether he gets into power to do these things is another thing and the gap according to some polls for Labour is closing on the Tories but is it too little too late.

Now as I checked my post a while ago I have received a letter from Theresa herself of course not addressed to me personally but a standard letter imploring me to give her my vote. I once trusted the Tories and their promises over a stagnant Labour party in 2010 needless to say Cameron for me failed me and many people in this country big time.

When Theresa May talks about bringing back fox hunting at such an important moment in British history such as Brexit it shows she considers this important and it reflects the class of people she owes her allegiances to certainly not the 'working class' and 'just about managing'.

The only strong and stable environment she wants is for the land owning and middle-class rich people and businessmen like Green who lord it over us while we carry on having to suffer more austerity.

Up to you peeps who you for but Theresa May talks about the 'just about managing' or 'working class' don't be fooled by her she's out to trap you.
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ze2000 She should have called for elections the day Cameron resigned.
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LAFFINGKNOME Well, she was probably afraid at that time like Gordon Brown was when he bottled it. Now it seems she thinks things are going her way in the polls and with Article 50 launched and with unfortunately UKIP on the wane to go to the country and risk all.
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