By BoyWithAUke
3 years ago


Stress, the silent killer.
How do you know if someone is stressed? Well if they're Gordon Ramsay, it looks pretty obvious.

But how do you really look out for the signs of stress? Well, I have a few tips for you! (If you don't know them already).

1- Watch their diet. Make sure they are eating and drinking the right amount everyday. If someone is over-eating or under-eating, it's the biggest sign of stress.

2- Oversleeping. Now, everyone likes to have a lie in once in a while, so don't go accusing someone of being stressed, because that will eventually stress them out. But just make sure your loved one or friend isn't over sleeping a lot. Because being stressed is a sign to depression and know one wants that.

Just be careful to watch out for friends and loved ones. I'm sorry for this being a short blog, so please do give me ideas for other ideas I can write about!

See you tomorrow!

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3 years
ze2000 I just shut down. It takes me 1 or 2 days to recover and then I am 100% again.
3 years
3 years
NatashaT1994 I'm stressed to the limit with all my college work to do and have ready for my college assessment in like 4 weeks. So much stuff to do and prepare for.
3 years