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Sounds From A Broken Heart

No more now, I have tried to get back twice and now I think its better to give up. Sometimes we choose the wrong way to go and we realize late. Here I'm talking about my two years old adsense account of google and few days ago they suspend me for invalid click and this is the second time. When 1st time it was suspended for a month I was not serious about that issue and can't detect the valid reason for invalid click.
Everything happen for good and I have just lost $6+ usd and a lot of energy to create video tutorials for my beloved youtube channel for earning purpose. Now I stopped making tutorials about photoshop because there is no motivation and now writing this post from my broken heart.
I'm strong enough and self motivated and I just need some time to overcome this failure. Now adsense become tough for we beginners. For a while I'm broken but after some time I will surely find a new way to grow myself .
I believe, whatever happens in our life always for good and our life is too short to have grief and pain in our heart. Today my heart would be broken, but one day the broken pieces of heart will definitely find a way to move on.

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ze2000 Google has too much power. They will just suspend your account and don't give much information. They don't care about you suing them, the worse that can happen is that they're forced to pay what was in the account before it was suspended and on top of that they've got teams of lawers in payroll ready to fight you every penny.

Have you tried other alternatives?
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3 years
SHOHANA No I won't try alternative for my YT channel
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