By ChestnutSlippers
2 years ago

Small Changes Make a Huge Difference

Everyone attempts, at some point in life, to improve themselves in one way or another. It could be in the form of dieting, exercising, educating themselves, or even learning a new skill.

However, a huge error that most people make, is trying to do too much at once. This usually ends up with one result - the person feels overwhelmed and gives up, knowing that this is not a lifestyle they can maintain.

Taking smaller steps, even tiny steps, is a far easier way to adapt and the chance of you progressing is far higher. Be sure to remember that it is called a "Lifestyle" for a reason - it has to be something you are happy keeping up for life. Here are a few ideas for self-improvement, that take very little time and energy. If you adapt these to your life, they will become routine, and it will feel strange for you NOT to do them. After a time, when you are comfortable, you can improve the amount of time and energy you put in.

For Diets - Try cutting down on just sugar, or having 2/3's of your regular portion. Remove one snack from your weekly allowance. Or limit the amount of milk you have in drinks and cereal.

Exercise - Attempt a 15 minute walk three times a week. Or a five minute session a day. Get some weights and do a few lifts each day - say, 5 on each arm. You will naturally find yourself adding on minutes!

Learning - Learn a new fact on your chosen subject every 2 days, and read small articles when you can. Watch one educational video a day, or read one page of a book.

Skills - Practice for just 10-15 minutes per day. This works for anything - drawing, painting, singing, musical instruments. Again, you should begin to find this fun, and your time doing so will naturally increase!

Just a few tips to help you continue with whatever it is you are aiming to do :) Take it slow and steady, and don't give up!

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indexer Absolutely - the longest journey starts with a single step.
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Alianess These are good reminders worth remembering.