3 years ago

Simon Cowell and his chums

I find Simon Cowell and his so called charity single 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' utterly patronising to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire and to the punters who will buy this single currently sitting a top the charts well no surprise there then.

Cowell could have given a large lump sum of his billions as could the so called artists on the single to the Grenfell charity maybe they have instead of getting the public many struggling to put food on the table to buy this single.

After the Band Aid singles there were a plethora of charity singles no doubt well intended I'm sure but it got to the point where there were charity singles about charity singles and it got to saturation point.

Apparently the singers on the single have given their time for free (well bully for them) but I am always cynical when artists come together to do a single like Cowell's charity project are they doing it because they genuinely care or is it because some of them are trying to raise their public profile even more?

I did not notice Cowell walking around the area of Kensington where the disaster took place probably he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his ultra upmarket house in his gated upmarket bubble of ivory tower existence.

Its the same as when it comes to 'Children In Need' or 'Red Nose Day' I find it utterly patronising that loaded celebs come on our televisions asking us to part with money. It is a fact that much of our money given to places like Africa goes on overheads or paying staff or goes to line the pockets of corrupt politicians.

Sorry this is a cynical piece but that's just how I feel.