By NyishaHv
2 years ago

Remembering You

I'll never forget when you taught me to stick up for myself
I'll always remember your resilience, your compassion for those you loved
I know you'll always be watching from the skies above
God will be keeping you, as you watch from the gates of heaven
Let your legacy live on, along with your endless love
For those that you sheltered, nurtured will always love you
We will always remember you, even when we are feeling blue
You shined so bright, you knew wrong from right
You were the the guardian angel that watched over us all
whether we rise, whether we fall
You will always be remembered as the strong woman who kept up a resistant fight
Until the day good decided the candle shall not burn any more light
He knew that your spirit would always live on
God knows that you will never be forgotten, your memory and presence will always be cherished
As we embellish these memories with our best times with you
We remember all the trials that you helped us through
We need you to know that we will always love you
No matter how hard gets
Well find a way to get through
Our tears shall not flood us with pain, they shall remind us of the strength we shall regain
It is extremely hard to overcome pain, but we shall do it with love
I know you will always be watching over us, from the heavens above
For love is something that never dies
It is perpetual, it is unfathomable, Edna davis you are unforgettable
We wont forget how you shined
And we will never forget how wonderful you are
Even though it seems like you are gone, you still shine bright like a star
No matter what happens to us, we will remember to go on
We will always remember how you taught us how to be strong
We love you more than words can say
We will never forget you, not tommorow and not today
You will always be remembered as the angel
the one who guided us, who fought for what was right
We say goodbye to you as you ascend toward the light
As your beautiful spirit takes flight
God will be looking after you like he always has
And we will be remembering you like we will continue to do
Your memory and your everlasting love will help us all to get through
No matter how hard it gets, no matter how hard each day
we will remember your saying
happiness is a journey: it is not just one day

Rest in peace, Grandmother
I love you so much, and will never, ever forget you...

By NyishaHv
2 years
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