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Relationship between Portugal and England

Hello guys!

Because I lived a few years in London ( I already left 8 months ago ??) I feel part of the English family.. ??

I'm going to talk a bit about 2 countries that I'll have forever in my heart ❤

The history of the relationship between Portugal and Britain dates back to the Middle Ages?.

English Crusaders aided Portugal in the Reconquista, and after taking the city in 1147, the first King of Portugal Afonso Henriques made the Englishman Gilbert of Hastings the Bishop of Lisbon??.

In 1373, the Kingdom of England signed the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, the oldest alliance in the world still in force???. The alliance was formalised by the Treaty of Windsor in 1386, and in 1387 Philippa of Lancaster, the daughter of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, was married to John I of Portugal.

During the late 16th century England found itself fighting against Spain which at this time was in personal union with Portugal. The English Armada was launched as part of this conflict in an attempt to restore Portuguese independence, to fight against both Spanish and Portuguese military ships which formed the Invincible Armada which lost 1/3 of its fleet during a storm and had to go around the British Islands and was unable to get the support of the Scots and Irish in their fight against the English.?

A further marriage between the Portuguese and English royal families occurred with the Marriage Treaty in 1662 when Charles II of England married Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John IV of Portugal. Her dowry gave Britain Tangiers and Bombay, plus free trade to Portuguese colonies in Brazil and Asia. In return Charles raised a brigade of troops to serve in Portugal's war of independence against Spain. Catherine is credited with popularising tea, which is now seen as a key part of British culture. ( I'm sure you didn't know that ??)

In 1703, Portugal joined an alliance of England and the Netherlands in the War of the Spanish Succession against France and Spain. That same year, Portugal and England signed the Methuen Treaty. In the 18th century, the two nations were allies in the War of the Spanish Succession and the Seven Years' War.?

The 19th century saw the alliance between Portugal and the United Kingdom come into effect once more when Napoleon Bonaparte built the Continental System, which Portugal refused to join, leading Napoleon to invade. In 1807 Napoleon's army attacked Lisbon, forcing the Portuguese royal family to flee to Brazil under the protection of the British Royal Navy. In the later half of the century, as Portugal's imperial power declined following Brazil's independence, there were disputes between itself and the United Kingdom in southern Africa, which was a great embarrassment for the Portuguese monarchy and colonial prestige.????

Portugal was one of the Allies of World War I along with Britain. While officially neutral in World War II, Portugal remained friendly to the British, a counterpart to Spain's cooperation with the Axis.

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