5 years ago

Propped up by DUP

Well well, so little Theresa May has gone and got herself a deal with the DUP the party that were UKIP before UKIP. Apparently, the Tories will be bunging Arlene Foster and her party of Loyalist politicians 1 billion Pounds to ensure that the party consisting of 10 MP's from Northern Ireland will give their support to the Tories in parliament.

The 1 billion Pounds supposedly for the Northern Irish infrastructure has been seen as a bribe to get DUP support. Some people in Scotland, Wales, and England are up in arms over this saying these areas of the UK are not invested in enough.

So it seems we have to put up with this austerity-ridden Brexit obsessed government for a while yet who let's face it couldn't give a damn about us mere mortals outside of the Westminister bubble.

Meanwhile after signing the deal today with May Arlene and her chums were then off to Northern Ireland to try and cobble together a deal for a Stormont administration with Sinn Fein and other parties.

Let's hope Jezza can force another general election in 6 months time.

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ze2000 I am no expert in politics but shouldn't this be illegal? I mean they're using taxpayers money to close a deal to benefit their party. It's pure corruption!
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LAFFINGKNOME Too bloody right it should!
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