By NatashaT1994
5 years ago

Pretty Little Liars

So yesterday (19th March 2017) I started watching Pretty Little Liars. I used to see it advertised all the time and I was just like "OMG go away with this sh*t" and omg such an idiot (me the idiot). I am totally in love this show now!!!

I started playing the Episode: Pretty Little Liars and wow I had so much fun playing the 7 episodes they have out so far in the game, so I thought "Hey why not check out the actual TV Series?" and OMG. LOOOVEE IT!!!

If I didn't have college today (20th March 2017) I would of watched it all night long. I also like how it has Lucy Hale in it. She was amazing in 'A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song'

On my laptop at the moment. Phone was 1% plus I can type faster on my laptop.