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Phone 'phishing'


What is phone 'phishing?

Phishing scams: The fraudster pretends to be calling from a company you do business with—usually your bank or credit card company—in order to steal personal information. They'll say there's a problem with your account and they just need to "verify" some information

So I got a fraudulent phone call today the guy was unclear about the company when I asked him what the company does. Then he protested that I must "please confirm my details", so I decided that if he just wanted my information. Then he was not going to get it.

I have never heard of the company, and I certainly did not sign up for it. All he needed was my personal details and he could of sent a phishing email...he could have then subsequently asked for my account details "just for validation". This is how these scam artists operate really annoys me they tried to do it to my grandmother. I am just saying: if you suspect something as fraudulent to with your gut instincts.

What do do:

-Report it
End the phone call
Avoid private numbers (that's how they disclose their identity)
Do not sign up for any fraudulent stock market websites like "Brexit" which uses a frudelent website to sign you up to an endless supply of chain emails. This will lead you to have lots of scams, fraudelent company's trying to email/text you to exploit your information

Be vigilant and safe, if you get a phone call that does not seem genuine ask them the questions. If they don't even tell you where they're calling from who they are their name then that is not professional or the norm. End the phonecall: it could be the difference between your details/bank accounts being exploited or your identity being stolen.
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