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People were asking the same questions then!

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist outrages, the same questions are being asked as when the 'War on Terror' began on 9/11. Why do they hate us, why attack the West as two American Airline jets crashed into the Twin Towers being piloted by Al-Qaeda operatives.

They hate us because their whole ideology deplores our freedom loving plural democracy in Western countries and for many other reasons too. Some of these reasons being because of the running sore in the Middle East that is the Palestinian question and the West backing Israel and also because of the wars we have launched in the Middle East namely Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Islamic State like Al Qaeda is more dangerous in the shadows now they have gone global as the attack in Manila will attest. As they face defeat on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria in the conventional military sense IS has gone global and is fighting its war against the infidel around the world either by planned attacks or by inspiration to groups or individuals, either way, the acts of terror result in death and mayhem.

Paul Nuttall said it right the other night when he said the other political leaders are either afraid or reluctant to name our enemy. That enemy is extreme Islam and political correctness gets in the way of us fighting a bitter and determined enemy that no matter how many times we bomb, arrest or disrupt their attacks they keep on coming.

In the beginning of this conflict for that is what this is don't kid yourself it's not the attackers were largely foreign like the Saudis who attacked the Twin Towers but now many around the world and in the UK are home-grown which makes this menace even more of a nightmare for the security forces.

Islamic extremism in this country is growing around our country in neighbourhoods, in mosques where ever there are large Muslim communities and its a problem we will have for many many years to come and as long as our government has political correctness at its modus operandi it will get in our way to fight and to stop the spread of this malignant cancer.

It goes without saying that not all Muslims are the same but Islamic extremism is a trojan horse of our own making in the fact we allowed so many in from Pakistan and other places and allowing them to set up ghettos like the ones in Birmingham instead of trying to assimilate them into our British way of life. Extremist ideas have festered and grown and are growing and groups like the BNP and UKIP are called racist when they warn us of the danger of these ideas. These communities have brought in ideas of being married to more than one wife, fgm, Sharia law ideas that were once alien to our nation.

Whatever you think of The English Defence League, Britain First and others and I do not wholly support them for in some ways they are as bad as Islamic groups it is understandable they will exist and seek confrontation with Islamic fanatics and what they see as creeping Islam all over the UK.

I have Muslim relatives myself a daughter, a son in law and two grandkids and I am a Christian by faith so no way am I a racist or Islamophobic however the actions of these extremists do not help the Muslim community no matter how many gestures they make of saying or doing we are not the same which they are not.

This 'one love' concert today is well intentioned but what will it achieve will it bring the dead back, will it make communities come together more, will it help with the nightmares kids and others will have from the attack at the Ariana Grande concert?

People say we must not be divided but we already are because political correctness and multiculturalism have made us so allowing every community to be themselves instead of being British first and whatever their nationality, religion, ethnicity second as it is in the US.

Islamic extremism has many causes and the answer I am afraid is not a simple one.

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ze2000 It has come to a ridiculous point were we cannot say anything because we "offend" some people. However you can demonstrate with an ISIS flag next to Lee Rigby's body and this will be called "freedom".

WE are our worst enemy, not them.
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