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Paranormal Sightings

Review & Article...I wanted to share this with other communities, to get their take on it.

Opening the Spiritual World:

It wasn't that long ago I wrote about some of my spooky experiences and sightings and there were some on my families experiences included in there as well (The Strange Happenings review this time I want to talk about some sightings I have not yet mentioned or not said too much about. I also want to talk about my take on the paranormal and what I really believe is happening to those who have passed but not gone over to the spiritual world...believe it...or don't believe, but its happening all around us. I've witnessed these spiritual beings and I've felt the slightest of presence from the unknown, I'll tell you this have to feel it and see it to actually believe it and if you don't at the may be a believer after this.

The World of Paranormal:

An invisible world lives among us.....trapped souls who never made it to the other side still walk around in our world without real human existence or real human sighting, only a brief movement or a shadow lets us know that they are really there. Specs of orbs flash by and catch the human eye by surprise, whether its trying to scare or escape, we still catch a first glimpse of the paranormal world. We try to explain what we have just seen and even try to justify it by using coincidences and excuses, we don't want to believe that the light we'd just seen is not so innocent. When there's nothing else that shines in the room and there is no other movement you begin to analyse the situation and wonder what the hell that thing was, if you see it more then once...the paranoia starts to kick in.

Objects that move on its own is by far the most unsettling, not only it takes you by surprise when it happens, but you then are not alone. Some force from an unsettled soul wont rest and will not let you rest either, it feels disturbed by your presence and does not take kindly to another human soul being there, so it will continue to move and bang things in order to get the attention it wants, and in the process scaring you half to death. Some just want guidance to the other world...the world we call heaven, whilst others are not so inviting, evil spirits who once were evil people in life and will do anything to maintain the home they once lived in. Some are really violent, all types of objects can be thrown from the dark and some very hard and very dangerous...this is as violent as paranormal can get.

The Spirit Awakens:

It's strange to think of a place being so empty that nothing paranormal happens when no living soul is there, but you'd be wrong because they roam around all the time as if the place is their playground. As soon as a living soul enters there playground they start to sense unsettlement, its as if you are invading their daily activities and wont rest until the living soul is spooked out of there...Its seems as if they're trying to say 'we were here first, get lost!' Some spirits could start off wandering the place in peace without any thought of harm, but as soon as they see an unrecognisable figure they run scared into hiding trying not to be seen, I believe these spirits could be of a frightened child.

As soon as you walk into an eerie room, immediately you can feel the presence of another standing in the same room as you. You start to feel more colder inside then outside, your head feels lighter and lighter, you begin to feel rather feel so strange in the head that you're unable to think clearly. Some spirits can be so strong the presence of them in the room can sometimes make you feel emotional and aggressive, it depends on what kind of person the spirit once was, whether the spirit is in pain or whether the spirit is an evil one. To witness a dark shadow figure standing there is enough to get hearts pounding with fear, but when you see it vanish away so quickly you start to feel like you don't want to move from the spot you've either been standing or sitting in...just in case you come across it again on your way in or out.

The Shuffling in the Office:

I've been upstairs in the offices at work many of times whilst the manager and staff have been down in the shop, there are two small offices, a large table office area and through another door on the other side of the wall is a slightly smaller office with another long table. I would normally be in the large table office area next to the two small one's, everything seems all quiet at first. All of a sudden I begin to hear a strange shuffling sound coming from the small office on the right, I get up walk in and look around...nothing! I go back into the large table office area and continue what I was doing, all of a sudden I hear the shuffling sound again along with a loud thud on the radiator. Once again, I head back into the small office to check it out, the wheeled office chair is now facing the wall, honestly...I do not know how this happened because there was no one in the room and there was no breeze in the room what so ever, all I know that its happened a couple of times now.

The slamming of doors:

I used to open up Nationwide early in the morning and start my mornings work, I was the only one in the building at that time. This Nationwide has an upstairs with a kitchen and small stairs which lead up to a door and through that door is a short passage to two offices, the one on the left is locked and the one on the right isn't. Every time I was standing at the very bottom of the stairs the door which leads through to the offices used to open and slam by themselves, there is no explanation for this because there are no windows, no breeze and the door is sometimes stiff when you open it. I would jump every single time this happened because you never knew when it was going to happen it just takes you by surprise, sometimes I would be in there for the first 45 minutes in complete silence and then all of sudden 'Bang!' the door would just go whether you're at the bottom of the stairs or in the kitchen...spooky!

Ghosts of Valence House:

As the house dates back to the 1400's there is no surprise that there has been many paranormal incidents and ghostly sightings. The grounds are surrounded by lawn and Valence park and at night it can be very peaceful and very quiet, which is probably the only time you wouldn't want to stroll around there. I for one have found just walking past the park at night a little eerie, I peer inside through the railings and all is very dark with only a small pond with a bank near the moat. When you walk past the park at night don't look in for too long in case you see an apparition of a recent resident of the house.

Agnes De Valence:

A private resident of the house who died in 1309, she was the grand-daughter of the last private resident of the house, Thomas May. Its believed that she was murdered on the lawn outside the house, a gardener witnessed her ghost whilst roaming the grounds, also a dagger was found in the moat which could of been the murder weapon used to kill her. Agnes still roams around the grounds at night with one or two of the locals claiming they had spotted a ghostly figure some yards from the house from a far.

I was once sitting in the herb garden around 13:00 in the afternoon and suddenly spotted something white dash past the mangle, a kind of figure shape looked like it was running out through the herb garden gate just as I sat down, this was in the day as well. I was a little startled to think that this white figure was running around during the day, then again it was very peaceful in there because I was the only one who came in the herb garden at the time...probably thought, I'll just have a stroll around whilst no one is here.

Eliza Luxmore:

Eliza Luxmore died at Valence House in 1913, her ghost has been seen on many occasions throughout the place. She is a tiny elderly lady dressed in black and I for one have seen a tiny elderly lady in black roaming around here on two separate occasions, its not something you'd want to see on your way here for sure, I've not only spotted her inside the house but outside too.

The first sighting of her was about just over 10 years ago when I was walking home from my uncle's at night (this was around 23:00 and at the time I had no idea there was a Valence House tucked away or knew about the story of the elderly woman in black) I remember walking by Valence Library and glancing through the big gates, it was quiet and nobody else was around and nobody could get inside the grounds because the gates were closed and locked. I happen to look towards a small gate on the corner of the library (the gate that leads to Valence House) behind the small gate was an elderly lady in black standing sideways looking into the park, I stopped for a moment and glanced over, I was taken back by this figure standing alone peering through the railings. I couldn't get closer look because of the separation between those gates and locked library gates, so I could only see from a distance but can clearly make out it was an elderly lady in black...Eliza Luxmore, perhaps...problem was, she vanished before I had the chance to take out my mobile and take a photo of it, which was frustrating.

The second sighting came about when I was visiting Valence House for the 3rd time back in 2014, I came through the library gates and then walked through the gate where I saw the first sighting all those years ago and then through another pair of gates, I walked passed the herb garden on my left with the side of Valence House on my right and once I walked around the corner to the front of the house I stopped and looked up to admire the beautiful white building, it's something I always do before entering any house or museum. I so happened to glance at the window in the Dagenham idol room with the piano and I noticed a black faint figure staring out, I ran in quickly to see if it was just one of the staff walking around, I rushed into the Dagenham Idol room but couldn't see or hear anyone, an office is upstairs with a couple of members of staff but no one could be seen or heard downstairs and there was no way anyone could of made it out of that room and upstairs in less then 5 seconds of me entering...again, Eliza Luxmore, maybe? It certainly looked the same figure I saw all those years ago outside staring into the park, but just looked a little faint due to the light...and again, it didn't give me a chance to take a photo because it had already gone by the time I reached the house.

The Passing In the Old Settings Room:

This one was just recently at the end of last year (November 2015) I reached the old settings room with the old fashioned living room and kitchen and in the same room the big trophy cabinet. I was walking around near the old living room and decided to approach the trophy cabinet, as soon as I went nearer I suddenly felt something brush by my right arm, it moved very quickly out of my way. It seems like something had been standing by the trophy cabinet and as soon as I approached it suddenly moved away and past me. I did hear a slight thud on the floor as it went by, it sounded like someone walking in boots...I have no idea who this is up here and I'm sure it couldn't of been that tiny elderly lady in black, I don't think she'd be wearing heavy boots somehow. It certainly did take me by surprise as it would anyone, it was quiet as usual with no one else up there apart from me, the staff in the office and whatever that was that brushed by me.

Valence House Museum Ghostly Thoughts:

Yes, I know...some rather spine tingling experiences here at Valence House, I never even knew for sure whether the place actually had spirits/apparitions until after my 3rd visit, once I saw that figure at the window I knew for certain that the stories of Agnes De Valence and Eliza Luxmore were true, and that night when I saw the elderly lady staring into the park I had my suspicion that lady could well have been the late Eliza Luxmore...back then I didn't quite know it, but I do now. Apart from these experiences the place is still very peaceful, welcoming and pleasant to visit, don't be put off by the paranormal history because the sightings are only few and far between, besides...they still have all the primary school children go there for school visits.

Closing of the Paranormal World:

Where else do they go once they've crossed over to the spiritual world?...Can they find there way there without guidance?... Will they ever return to our world?...Is that the end of the hauntings and sightings? Will they ever properly disappear and not be seen again? or Will they always be there standing in the shadows keeping out of sight? Most importantly...Do you believe?...because I do!
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