3 years ago

Nicola Sturgeon: Could she challenge Westminister over IndyRef2?

With Theresa May saying a sharp no to any Scottish referendum could the SNP government in Holyrood go it alone and hold a referendum.

Legally in some quarters, this has been quashed pretty quickly but that said it seems Scottish SNP MSP's who have been holding their Spring conference in Scotland (where else) may have other ideas.

John Swinny Deputy leader of the Scottish National party has warned Theresa May that her constant refusal to allow Scotland to have any discussion about IndyRef2 may backfire on her and has hinted in the future the Scottish government may just hold one anyway if all MSP's regardless of party vote it through.

Of course, any people have the right to self-determination but is there enough support amongst the populace in Scotland to vote for independence and see Nicola Sturgeon's dream become a reality.

If the SNP were to hold a Scottish referendum with the help of their own and other MSP's voting it through they would be in defiance of London.

Some have accused Sturgeon of being an opportunist in calling for another Scottish referendum now while May is dealing with Brexit now it has been approved by Parliament in the form of Article 50.

The Scottish Conservative and Labour leaders have called on Sturgeon to stand down this second thrust for IndyRef2 and most of the Scottish Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MSP's would vote it down should it be put to the Scottish government.

When the 2014 vote was done and dusted and Scottish people voted to remain in the UK many thought that was it. However, Nicola Sturgeon who it seems has been obsessed with Scotland going it alone since she was 15 has other ideas and how this will now play out in the coming years as the UK leaves the EU will be interesting to see.