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NetCat CMS Review

Developer Documentation: Well structured, divided into articles for developers and general users who administer the site. In addition to a simple description of one or another functional, there are lessons for various categories of users (administrator, designer, developer), video tutorials, as well as the ability to download the system manual in PDF format.

Integration with 1C: Starting with version 3.5, the ability to work with 1C is implemented. The latest version of NetCat 5.4 supports data exchange with 1C 7th and 8th versions.

Convenience admin panel:admin unusual and non-standard, though after a while you can get used to. Content navigation is also hardly convenient, although it may be the result of the same non-standard approach to the implementation of the administrative part. When working with NetCat, obviously, on one of the tabs you will have to keep several pages of documentation constantly open.

Easy to install (local server): there were no problems with the installation on OpenServer, the whole process took about a minute of time.

Work with the goods:there are both pros and cons. The advantages include the compactness of the location of the necessary elements and the relative ease of creating a product card. But the disadvantages include all the same compactness (sometimes excessive), the overall intricacy of the process of creating a new section in the catalog and a commodity card.

Management of delivery and payment methods: starting from version 5.3, management of payment methods is carried out through the module "Payment Acceptance". There is nothing difficult in mastering; you can connect all popular payment systems.
Delivery management is carried out through the Delivery menu item, which is also quite simple to work with.

Design Templates: There were no ready-made or available templates for downloading or purchasing on the official website.

User roles:The process of adding a new user is simple and clear, but the function of assigning rights is rather confused.

Demo: An online demo is available, as well as the ability to download the distribution for testing on a local server.

Import / export of goods: in addition to data exchange with 1C, data import / export to CSV or XLS files is also available.

SEO optimization features: for each page you can write a title, keywords and meta-description, add or delete a page in sitemap.xml, set the priority of its indexing. To do this, just go to the desired page and select the item “SEO” leadconcept(.)com/seo-services-company-california.html in the settings.

System requirements:Apache 1.3.30 and higher, PHP 5.2 and higher, MySQL 4.1, 64 MB of RAM (128 recommended).

Content Management Flexibility: You can add sections, subsections, pages, and individual products. In general, everything is convenient, but if the user is used to the standard type of admin panel, which is used in most CMS leadconcept(.)com/custom-content-management-system.html, then you can not immediately understand how to add this or that content element. Nevertheless, to figure out what's what can be pretty quickly.

Extensibility of functionality: the number of modules available on the site depends on the edition of the system used. In a special section CatStore on off. Site available components from third-party developers. They are few, about a hundred, but most are free.

Backup: yes.

Caching: embedded.

Personal account of the buyer: is in all editions of the system.

Support: tickets, documentation.

Updates: come out about once every six months, and each one is made quite a number of changes and corrections. You can upgrade to the current version through your personal account.

Cost of versions: components of the online store are available in versions of E-commerce and Extra.

User Reviews:if you analyze the reviews, then the advantages of NetCat include ease of mastering the management of most users, good technical support, flexible system of modules and components. Among the shortcomings - the complexity of refinement, if there is no experience with this engine, weak documentation.

Overall impression: after working with NetCat, this CMS left an impression of a functional and modern tool, flexible in settings, in which there is nothing superfluous. At the same time, this engine seems a bit “geeky”, going beyond the usual framework, and, accordingly, it will take time to get used to it.

Judging by the amount of background information on the official website, for effective work, the site owner under the control of NetCat will have to be well acquainted with the documentation.
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