3 years ago

Nesting Starlings

It's great that just outside my house in the alley at the top of my downpipe I have a Starlings nest. Every morning as I go into my bathroom you can hear the young birds chirping away as they receive food from their mother and father.

The parent birds work tirelessly for their brood bringing grubs, worms, and insects to feed their ever-hungry chicks.

Who needs 'Spring Watch' when I can watch these delightful birds going back and forth in their pursuit of feeding their young family. Will all the chicks survive though that is my question as nature can be cruel as only the strongest and fittest survive?

It's not the first time I have had Starlings nesting and it certainly won't be the last I bet. Around here where I live in the northwest of England Starlings are doing well and they are not the only bird species.

There are Magpies, Wood Pigeons, Black-collared Doves, Sparrows, Seagulls, Herons, Swallows and even an Owl at night.

So if you like bird watching this is the place to observe these species even though where I live is quite built up.