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Napoleon look alike wins!

Well, the darling of the French establishment has won and at 39 he is the youngest French leader since Napoleon Bonaparte. Some even say he looks like a young Napoleon but I can't imagine somehow Emmanuel Macron marching on Western Europe or Russia somehow.

However, it would appear Macron perhaps may not be the friend to Britain we were all expecting or were we?

When Macron was over here some time ago he was encouraging bankers to leave the UK and come to Paris. It also seems he is not going to take prisoners when to it comes to Brexit either and how he or his ministers will deal with that '"Bloody difficult woman" May along with other EU nations in the Brexit negotiations remains to be seen. (If May wins).

Barack Obama must be jumping for joy as he publically endorsed Macron in a video message to France. Obviously seeing in Emmanuel Macron a young fresh-faced man with centrist views not unlike himself before he was elected President in 2008.

The defeated candidate Marine Le Pen did very well and was the anti - establishment candidate like Trump was in the States. Le pen head of the National Front is not going anywhere and will be looking at the 2022 French Presidential election and will carry on revamping and modernizing her party. Many French people who felt left behind as in the States with Trump voted for her because France was and is becoming a nation that no longer in some areas looks European or even Christian. Many of the young and the poor voted for her because as with Trump she was speaking their language.

Macron has one hell of a job in front of him to bring France together and one thing it seems is sure that the future of France is in the EU as long as he has anything to do with it.
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ze2000 I think Napoleon would be quite ashamed of what is happening with France at all levels...
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LAFFINGKNOME Turning in his grave as I type this
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